Electrification and drinking water project with
fotovoltaic system of the comunity of Sharamentsa
The community of “Sharamentsa” is located in the Ecuadorian Amazon, in the province Pastaza, at the Pastaza River, at 30 km to the border of Peru.

The Ashuar population of Sharamentsa lives mainly from the sowing of cassava and plantain, the hunting of wild animals and the fish. The average monthly gross income of a family is less than US $ 20, of which much is spent on air mobilization.
It is important that the community has its photovoltaic energy system to be able to perform daily tasks such as the education of children even at night, to have access to information through the media.

The solar system helps preserve the primary forest ecosystem.
Corporación para el Desarrollo Sostenible CODESO
Proyectos de agua y electrificación, CODESO
Energia Solar
Energia Solar
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Técnicos del sistema fotovoltaico de Sharamentsa
The system was co-executed by the Sharamentsa, CODESO and FINAE community, the Interprovincial Federation of Ashuar Nationality of Ecuador based in Puyo, Pastaza, Ecuador, Telefax (593) 3-883827, finae@latinmail.com.
The Sharamentsa community is currently questioning financing for latrine projects and showers, which are now possible, because there is already water.

Other planned projects are ecotourism, cultural rescue and crafts, important for the sociodevelopment of families. Support is sought to improve the standard of living.

If you would like to support this and / or other communities, contact: Contacts.
The main financing carried out the Project for the Development of Indigenous and Black Peoples of Ecuador PRODEPINE RAS Telefax (593) 7-702049, prodras@yahoo.com. There was also great support from the Indio-Hilfe Foundation in Germany: indiohilfe@aol.com and the Illustrious Municipality of Taisha Telefax (593) 42527048.
The safe water and solar energy system initially consists of 10 Isofoton I 110 panels with a total of 3080 Whp (watts peak hour), 14 seasonal MAC accumulators of 12 V (volts) 150 Ah (ampere hours) 2 regulators Isofoton I 30 A and 1 Triplite APS 2400 W inverter (110 V alternating current generation for the local power grid).

The Sharamentsa system generates energy for pumping water and for light consumption, there are currently at least 2 fluorescent 15W and radio in the houses. The water system works with an automatic control.

The 11 families now have access to more than 70 liters of water per day with the water system in person in front of their house. The 1/2 HP pump is working approximately 3.5 hours per day. The water pumping distance is 700 meters and the height is 18 m.

They also have the possibility of listening to the radio during the day, using blenders and fans. At night they can use their low energy lamps.

A microenterprise was successfully formed, in order to guarantee the sustainable operation and increase of the electricity and water system, charging small monthly fees for each family.
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