Agroforestry Systems
Corporación para el Desarrollo Sostenible CODESO
One of the problems of the subtropical and tropical area is the fragil soil with its  específic needs for agricultural management.

CODESO in contract with the Project PROFORS has elaborated more than 60 examples of implementations or "Agroforest Moduls", which are here at your disposal. They also can be adquired on "CD ROM".

The projects of CODESO gain to rise the "Living- Level" of the benefitted families, that implies that they are economicly, ecologicly and socialy sostainable. For more information visit also our page of "Sostainability".

CODESO has its main office in Lago Agrio, Province Sucumbíos, in the Amazon region of Ecuador (visit also "maps"). In the area we manage diferent sites mainly with nonwood production like for example: Black Pepper, tropical nuts "maní de árbol", borojo, araza, rubber, etc.
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Corporación para el Desarrollo Sostenible CODESO
Corporación para el Desarrollo Sostenible CODESO
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