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Inverters have the same functions as UPSs (Uninterupted Power Supply), but unlike them they have batteries in a separate battery bank. This has two advantages: the battery bank can be adjusted to specific requirements and the backup or autonomy time is longer.

In alternative energy applications, inverters are generally used because a larger battery bank is required.
The inverter have these functions:

Inverters do not need maintenance. (see also the technical details of operation).
What is an Investor or Investor / Charger?

An inverter or inverter / charger is a device that converts direct current (DC) to alternating current (AC) to power a variety of equipment, including: power tools, computers, appliances, pumps, audio / video equipment, and more. Inverters and inverters / chargers use a vehicle or boat battery, or separate user-supplied batteries to power connected equipment. Additionally, the inverter / charger provides reliable AC power during utility grid power problems such as blackouts, brownouts, and surges. When you have power supplied by a utility, inverters / chargers automatically pass power to your equipment while at the same time recharging the connected batteries. When utility power is unavailable, such as during a power outage in stationary applications or while driving in mobile applications, the inverters automatically switch from utility power to battery backup power.
Important Features of Inverter and Inverter / Charger

Conversion of direct current (DC) to alternating current (AC).

Mobile AC source: portable and permanently mounted.

Higher wattage models can simultaneously power multiple equipment.

Peak output of maximum wattage voltage to handle high power equipment startup.

Its efficiency is rated above 90% to ensure that more battery power is used to power connected equipment.

The automatic low battery shutdown feature ensures that battery power is always available for vehicle starting.

Stable microprocessor controlled output to help the team perform at its best.

Frequency controlled output on most models allowing the widest variety of equipment to be plugged in.

Most models feature up to 200% continuous output for up to 10 seconds to meet the need for extra power during high-power tool and equipment startup.

Most models feature up to 150% continuous output for up to 1 hour to provide longer, reliable support for equipment and tools.

The 3-stage battery charger on inverter / charger models recharges batteries faster than conventional chargers.

Some models have remote control compatibility through a module.

Inverters and inverters / chargers are typically used in mobile applications that do not have AC from the public grid. To understand their applications, you need to analyze the different types of inverters and inverters / chargers
Compact / Light Inverters

The compact / lightweight inverters are smaller and feature continuous wattage output for mobile business, travel, camp / boat / truck and truck applications. They are ideal for powering laptops, cell phone chargers, gaming systems, DVD players, and other low-wattage devices.

High Power Inverters

The high power inverters are designed for industrial applications, fleet vehicles, construction sites, trucks, and boat camps / departures. They provide maximum voltage outputs of maximum wattage to handle the high-consumption startup of equipment such as drills, saws, pumps, timing motors, and more.


Inverters / chargers are reliable power supplies for uninterruptible emergency backup applications. When utility power is available, inverters / chargers automatically pass power to your equipment while simultaneously recharging connected batteries. When utility power is not available, such as during a power outage in stationary applications or while driving in mobile applications, inverters / chargers automatically switch from utility power to battery backup power. The inverters / chargers are designed for EMS, RV and other applications that need reliable battery backup while on the go.

How to buy an Investor or Investor
Tripp Lite offers a wide variety of inverters and inverter / chargers suitable for your specific application. When choosing an inverter or inverter / charger, you should consider the following:

=   The total wattage of connected devices must not exceed the model's continuous wattage rating.
= The number of items of connected equipment, to determine how many outlets are needed.
= The application, to help you choose the right type of inverter or inverter / charger.
= Compact / Light Inverters
= High Power Inverters
= Inverter / Chargers
= Investor for EMS or Ambulance
= Inverter with Mobile Power Feedback Kit

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