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Photovoltaic solar panels produce electrical energy with direct current based on solar energy. The modules have a useful life of 25 to 30 years.

In the silicon cells, the energy of the photons of the sun's rays is transformed into electrical energy.

This process also works when there are light clouds, but with less performance: here the internal construction of each panel is important, specifically how many cells are connected in series, and the sizing of the solar system. Better performance with indirect light (with light clouds) have panels that internally have 36 (or multiples of 36) cells in series, because they produce a higher voltage, which allows the batteries to still be charged with an average of 30% of maximum power. (see also the technical details of the operation).

Photovoltaic plates have no moving parts and therefore do not need maintenance. Depending on their installation site (powders) they have to be manually cleaned with water.

The modules are placed, for example, on the roof, where the sun arrives longer or where there is less shade.
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