The CD ROM is at your disposition at:

- The offices of CODESO or
- via email
- in the office of the Green Group, PPF, GTZ, MAG building, Avenida Eloy Alfaro +
   Av. Amazonas, Quito;
- You can also get the material at the office of the Red Agroforestal Ecuatoriana, RAFE,
   Av. Mariana de Jesús E6-172 entre Amazonas y Moreno Bellido  2do. Piso, Telfs: 02-2527220 Quito Ecuador

The CD ROM, which contains 63 examples of the integrated agriculture, and in the future also other materials. For the CD we charge 6 US$ production and actualisation costs.

In special cases we can distribute printed material, with it´s paper costs.
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CODESO in contract with the Project PROFORS has elaborated more than 60 examples of implementations or "Agroforest Moduls", wich are here at your disposal. They also can be adquired on "CD ROM".
The material in our internet pages and the CD´s is free, we reserve the right to be noted and quoted, if you use our material in any publications. If the material is used comercially, you should consider us with a certain amount of sponsership, which will be used in our proyects raising the social level of our benefitted familIEs.
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"Finca Integral" con cultivos en franjas
"Finca Integral" con cultivos en franjas
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