Energia Solar Energy Sonnenenergie Quito Galapagos Ecuador Sudamerica South America Sudamerika
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Solar Energy Energia Sonnenenergie Quito Galapagos Ecuador Sudamerica South America Sudamerika
Energía Solar
Energía Solar
Individual Photovoltaic Solar Electrification Electricity
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Sistema de bombeo de agua seguro en la Isla de la Plata
Individual solar electrification

Individual or independent solar electrification systems have the advantages of all solar systems:

  • They do not need fuels or more maintenance
  • Saves the costs of distribution cables and connection to the public network
  • They can be mobile
  • They can work in remote or inaccessible systems.

They are generally dedicated to fulfilling a set of single-user purposes at remote sites, this may be electricity for a family home, a team, a company, etc.

There are two possible systems:

  • The DC Direct current system works directly with the battery voltage. There are different standard voltages: 6, 12, 24, 36 and 48 Volts DC.
  • The AC system works with a DC -AC inverter that generates alternating current (based on batteries). There are different standard voltages: 110 and 220 Volts AC.

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