How solar photovoltaic electrification works? 
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Solar Energy Energia Sonnenenergie Quito Galapagos Ecuador Sudamerica South America Sudamerika
Energía Solar
Energía Solar
Importance of solar systems
The consumption of energy in the countries rises every year by approximately 10 percent.

The electricity companies at the regional and national level are not able to supply enough energy for their customers and there is also a shortage of electricity in rural areas due to lack of facilities.
Installations independent of the public network are cheaper than the same installation with cables, meter, payment sheets, etc.
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In the short term there will be no change in this situation, because the financing and construction of new hydroelectric plants, as in the case of San Francisco, require years of work and studies.

The acquisition of thermal energy produced by private or state companies is not enough to solve this situation of growing demand.

Nor does the privatization of electricity companies have much influence, although this issue is somewhat distorted in the national public discussion: it is obvious that in all business aspects that a private company should and can function better than a state company, having control, pricing etc. in the hands of the legislature.

For the development of our country we need electricity.

To guarantee this public service, politicians must be encouraged to change laws and regulations to guarantee:

  • An increase in rural facilities of 20% (10% average annual growth plus 10% rural facilities distant from the public network)
  • Applications of the regulation of private generation (or of new companies) with determined rates of decentralized feeding to the public network. ("T" connections)
  • Clear policies of the state of exemption of taxes and credits for the aforementioned investments.
  • Finally guarantee in rural areas and especially in areas far from the network, that there are no blackouts and that new regional and local companies can be promoted, which guarantee this service.

There are enough water resources near the mountains, and in the rest of the country it has been shown that solar energy is economical and efficient.
All forms of energy used that consume or convert a certain initial product, which does not self-renew, are called non-renewable: in the case of oil, we use oil until the resource ends (within a few years).

Renewable energies such as solar energy, wind energy, hydraulic energy do not run out and also do not pollute the environment, and therefore are healthier.

However, the cost of the initial investment for the use of renewable energies is high, but calculating the operating time, distribution and maintenance cost, plus the cost of the resource (eg fuel) we arrive at the same cost in the long term.
The current situation in Ecuador, of constant blackouts for long periods of time, and in many remote provinces daily blackouts, is not going to change because the large hydroelectric plants in the country such as Paute, Agoyán, etc. they are working at the limit of their technical level and resources; that is, the amount of water flow.

Thermal power plants cut off our biggest export product: oil.

The wind will take advantage perhaps near Aloag in the sierra.
In other countries, the situation of electricity generation and supply is better, but sometimes it depends on atomic and thermal power plants, it is not sustainable either.

Solar energy is becoming increasingly important internationally. There are enough resources to obtain hydraulic and solar power plants. There is mostly enough sun for harnessing this lucrative form of energy. Because any solar thermal or photovoltaic installation can last a long time and without much maintenance, it is used all over the world.
The situation in Ecuador
The situation in the world
90% of energy consumption at the domestic level is used for cooking, using mainly gas, kerex, and firewood.

Only the remaining 10% of domestic energy is used for light, radio, television and water pumping. This amount of energy can also be generated with photovoltaics.
Only 10% of domestic energy is used for light and equipment
Renewable energy is cheaper
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In Europe many houses are already equipped with "T" connection solar systems, feeding into the public grid during the day, charging half the price of energy. At night they receive "normal" public energy paying.

The owner wins twice: He produces his own energy and charges for it. It also has a completely maintenance-free system, because it does not have batteries. These systems quietly have a useful life of more than 20 years.

The state and the electric companies also win, they do not have to invest in new generation plants, in the increase of distribution lines, in the losses of energy distribution.

In the end, everyone wins: not spending non-renewable energy.
In many cases, by properly sizing the facilities and taking advantage of public financing, it is possible to have cheaper renewable energy than the conventional one.

For example, the investment for a house, buying a motor-generator is actually cheaper than the acquisition of a solar system, but the photovoltaic solar panels will work for 20 to 30 years without major maintenance, the motor-generator maybe 2 to 3 years (with high cost). maintenance and then you have to invest again in a new motor-generator); energy from the sun is free, fuel costs.
The resources used to generate light at home in rural areas are kerex (Petromax), batteries. Especially solar home systems (solar home systems) have a number of advantages in relation to other sources:

  • No production of toxic gases
  • no fire hazard
  • Better quality light is available
  • Continuity of power supply is guaranteed
  • Do not throw away or pollute the environment with old dry batteries (which are poisonous)
  • In case of using car batteries recharging them in the town, the solar system is cheaper and its handling is easier.
  • In relation to the motor-generator there is no noise, it does not cost fuel, nor maintenance, it does not turn on a whole large plant for a television and a light bulb.
Energias renovables Ecuador Peru Colombia Lorentz bomba Ritter tubos vacio panels
Energias renovables Ecuador Peru Colombia Lorentz bomba Ritter tubos vacio panels
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Solar electric systems independent and GRID injection (electrical network). Backup and protection of medical and computer equipment, radio communication, electric fences, cogeneration together with electro-thermal generators, air conditioning, etc.
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Solar water pumping
Photovoltaic water pump systems that do not require batteries so the return on investment is very fast. These systems work fully automatic.
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