Solar Hot Water for Hotels + Hosterias
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Sistema solar TermoSifón con el tanque acumulador incorporado
Sistema solar TermoSifón con el tanque acumulador incorporado
Criteria for the selection of a decentralized water heating system
The choice of an individual or decentralized heating system is suggested, when the pipe between the accumulator tank and the hot water consumption point is very long.

A good example for a decentralized system is the individual cabins, where there is a space on each cabin (or in turn in a group of cabins) for the installation of a TermoSifón system.

It is important that the roof of the cabin resists the weight of about 250 kg (which includes the system and the tank full of water).
ThermoSiphon Systems for Hotels and Hostels
TermoSiphon solar system with built-in accumulator tank
Decentralized or individual system
Criteria for selection a centralized system

A centralized water heating system should be chosen when:
CPC solar collectors without built-in accumulator tanksCentralized system
Advantages of the decentralized or individual system
It can be installed near showers or hot water consumption points.
The TermoSifón system does not need a circulation pump or electrical controls.
Decentralized installation saves installation costs and spends less hot water.
You do not need a separate accumulator tank.
  • there is a central heating installation (gas or electric)
  • a central auxiliary heating system is planned
  • the pipes or distances are short
  • central control is required
  • the roof (where the collectors will be installed) does not resist a greater weight of the tank
  • The solar energy system should not be visible for aesthetic reasons.
The above criteria are general, we are at your disposal to help you install the best system for you.
Advantages of the central system
It can be installed together with an existing gas heater. The installation of the distribution pipe is saved.
With the solar station, temperatures and the circulation pump are controlled at a central site.
An auxiliary central gas heating can easily be added.
The TermoSifón CPC panels are not heavy on the roof (without the tank).
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TermoSiphon solar system with built-in accumulator tank Decentralized or individual system