Individual solar electrification with 110 volts AC
Energía Solar FV CODESO
Corporación para el Desarrollo Sostenible CODESO
Agua potable con energía solar
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The farm El Arca - Taseche
The first water running
Solar panel mounting in the frame
Instalation of the inverter, battery and control
The well
The small farm El Arca - Taseche is situated near  Atacames, Province of Esmeraldas. (see maps)

There is a fotovoltaic solar system with these components installed:
one solar panel Isofoton 110 W one stationary battery MAC 150 Ah and one DC - AC invertor Tripplite APS de 2000 W which generates the alternate current of 110 V AC. The system runs a waterpump Pedrollo PK60 for the drinking water and for irrigation of plants like Black Pepper y bananas. There is also energy for the elctrical lights in the house.
The solar panel is mounted in a movil frame with which the sun can be followed.

Permant sunfollowing generates about 30 % more energy.
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Más more mehr FOTOS
Mapas, Maps, Landkarten
Mapas, Maps, Landkarten
Cáculos de consumo y costos
Cómo funciona la energía solar ?
Más More Mehr FOTOS
Más more mehr FOTOS
How does solar energy work?
Solar Energy
What equipment do you need?
How to calculate energy consumtion + costs?
Individual electrification projects
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Solar Energy Equipment
Corporation for sostainable devbellopment CODESO
How do these equipment work?
How does Solarenergy work?