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Energía Solar FV CODESO
Agua potable con energía solar
Corporación para el Desarrollo Sostenible CODESO
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Electrification and light for rural schools
Independent public light
How does solar energy work?
Solar Energy
What equipment do you need?
How to calculate energy consumtion + costs?
Individual electrification projects
Cáculos de consumo y costos
Cómo funciona la energía solar ?
Individual Solar Electrification Systems
Independent public light
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Independent solar streetlamps
Streetlamp with sight on the solar panels
The public streetlamp is independent of the electrical grid, because it works with solar energy.

The solarlamp consists of:

- Solarpanel mounted on the post
- Solarbattery
- Control unit (controlling the battery voltage and switches the light)
- Streetlamp, reflector with energy saving lamps of different powers.

The instalation of independent solarlamps joints different advantages:

- It can be installed in areas without electric grid
- Even so, in sites with public electric grid, they are saving costs for grid conections,
    cables and transformers, for planification and instalation (most times subterraneous)
- The public electrical grid is not charged, which means that it doesn´t need amplification.
- Uniluminated dangerous sites can be iluminated "Ad Hoc" or instantaneously
- Other systems like for example independent traffic lights have almost the
    same caracteristics and advantages.
Models of the Solarstreetlamp
We got different models of streetlamps, and are able to forward your "owner designed " solar lamp.

Our complete standard model is working with 7 solar panels, one  stationary battery, the contol unit, the lamp post with  reflector and energy saving lamps and is delivered with it´s manual.

In different countrys in Europe and Southamerica we are able to do the instalation for you.

Naturally we are able to fulfill special needs, like for example:

Solar streetlamps activated by movement switches or determined  service hours

Independent "Warning systems", solar traffic lights, and much more.

For more information please visit our Equiment and tecnical information page, or simply send us an  Email.
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Más More Mehr FOTOS
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Solar Energy Equipment
Corporation for sostainable devbellopment CODESO
How do these equipment work?
How does Solarenergy work?