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Tourism in Cayambe
Tourism in Cayambe

San Pedro de Cayambe is the head of the canton of the same name, it belongs to the province of Pichincha.

Cayambe is an hour away with buses from Quito, on the slopes of the Cayambe mountain (5,790 m).
  • San Miguel de Ibarra, the "White City", is the head of the Imbabura province. Ibarra is known for its wood and leather handicrafts, its blackberry syrup and paila ice cream.
  • From Cayambe there is a road less frequented by Pesillo, passing the eastern side of the Cusín, Cubilche and Imbabura volcanoes.

  • Tabacundo is very close to Cayambe. The Tabacundo canton is known for its national and international fairs.

  • Parroquia
The snowy Cayambe volcano is only 15 km from the Cayambe city and records five eruptions in the last four thousand years.

Cayambe is at an altitude of 2830 meters above sea level and with an Andean climate of 14 ° C as average. It has 40,000 inhabitants.
The Cayambe canton is an agricultural producer of flowers, onions, grains and potatoes. In addition, different dairy products and meats are produced.
At the culinary level there are the famous "bizcochos" biscuits, made from wheat flour, served with hot chocolate and "queso de hoja" leaf cheese.

There are also different typical dishes with the products of the area, such as the sweet "Chaguarmishqui" that is a fermentation preparation of the cabuya tree, and the Guarango that is produced based on the blue penca from which its "mishque" or natural sweet is extracted.
Excursions to the volcano are offered from Cayambe, and there are different tours and walks.

A walk is to es Qhapaq Ñan, an Incan Andean Road System that was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

Another is the visit of the Middle of the World, knowing the details of this site.
Juan Montalvo
  • The Juan Montalvo Parroquia is one of the main centers of livestock and flower plantations such as roses for export from Ecuador.

  • Olmedo is in the north near Cayambe and is an entry point to the reserve.

  • The Otavalo fair is one of the most important in Ecuador. Wool and cattail handicrafts.
  • Guayllabamba is famous from the "Quito Zoo". Guayllabamba is between Cayambe and Quito.
Reserva Ecológica Cayambe Coca
  • The Cayambe Coca Ecological Reserve is accessible from Cayambe city. The Reserve has an area of 403,103 ha including the Navado Cayambe.
From Cayambe you can visit the San Marcos lagoon and the La Alegría lagoon within the Cayambe Coca Ecological Reserve.
La Cascada de Peguche
  • The Peguche Waterfall is located ten minutes from Otavalo and is one of the natural and spiritual scenes in the area.
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