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Napo province has 90,000 inhabitants, 30,000 urban and 60,000 rural.

Napo has an area of 25,000 square kilometers, divided into 5 cantons.

The province of Napo has different natural resources, and invites to be visited in its most beautiful sites.
Laguna Yuturi frente al Lodge Napo Province managed by Kichwa Comunity El Eden
Sani Lodge Port in the Rio
Napo managed by Kichwa Comunity Sani Isla and Sani Guarmis
Yuturi El Eden Amazon Lodge
Napo Province managed by Kichwa Comunity
Hotels Hoteles en Napo
Sani Isla Lodge
El Eden Amazon Lodge
Nosotros Recomendamos:

El Eden Amazon Lodge
Napo Province managed by Kichwa Comunity
Laguna Yuturi
  • The Quijos canton is in the north of the province.

Carlos Julio Arosemena Tola
  • Carlos Julio Arosemena Tola is a small canton in the extreme south of the province.

Puerto Misahuallí
  • Puerto Misahuallí is bequeathed from Puerto Napo in the south of Tena. It is the port for boats on the Napo River. From here you can also reach the Jatun Sacha Biological Station.

Las Cuevas de Jumandi
  • The caves of Jumandí are near Archidona and are a tourist attraction that should not be missed.

Parque Nacional Sumaco
  • El Parque Nacional Sumaco queda en el nororiente de la provincia del Napo. Se puede encontrar guías profesionales en Archidona y el Tena.

Reserva Ecológica Antisana
  • La Reserva Ecológica Antisana queda en el oriente de la provincia del Napo.

Reserva Ecológica Cayambe Coca
  • The Cayambe Coca Ecological Reserve is located in the north of the Napo province.
Yuturi El Eden Amazon Lodge
Napo Province managed by Kichwa Comunity
Laguna Sani Lodge Rio
Napo manejado por Kichwa Comunity Sani Isla y Sani Guarmis
Nosotros Recomendamos:

Sani Isla Lodge
Napo Province managed by Kichwa Comunity

El Tena
  • Tena is the capital of the Napo province. The city of Tena has 21,000 inhabitants.

  • Archidona is located in the north near Tena, and has different tourist attractions.

El Chaco
  • The canton El Chaco is in the north of the province. Here, as also in Baeza, you can find cheeses and other dairy products and try a fresh trout.
Parque Nacional Llanganates
  • In the south of the Napo province is the eastern entrance to the Llanganates National Park. One entry point is the village of Talag.

  • Papallacta is between Quito and Baeza and is famous for its hot water baths, where you can rest from the trip. The lagoon of Papallacta forms the reserve of drinking water of Quito and in its surroundings there are trout to fish and the lagoons to bathe.
La Cascada San Rafael
  • The San Rafael Waterfall is one of the most impressive waterfalls in the eastern part of Ecuador. The waterfall has more than 150 meters forming beyond the Coca River. The entrance to the San Rafael Waterfall is located right on the border of the provinces of Napo and Sucumios on the Quito - Nueva Loja highway (Lake Agrio). It is located in a half hour from the road to the waterfall, and on the way you can see a rich flora and take a bath in small waterfalls of crystal clear water.