This site is dedicated to give information of the diferent activities which disenvolves CODESO; we also like to serve with an place with information and training for aprendices (sustainable as our principal) without costs of paper. Please inform yourself also about "Copyright".

You can find more details of CODESO´s objetives pressing the button "Mission + objetive".

In the area "Agroforestry systems" we present our "moduls for the implentation of the integrated farm" with more than 60 examples. The moduls are sitestudies of  agroforestal implementation with tecnical, economical and ecological details, mainly directed at tecnichians and rural promotors.

The area "Solar energy" includes a short presentation of projects and dedicates also a space to tecnology, equipment and aplications.

The "Product Market" is an open salesplace with sales and offers for different products.

"Get in touch" maybe is our most important site, where you can intercomunicate with us and of course where you can find your form to help us in our daily work rising up the lifestile level of mothers, fathers and children in Ecuador.
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